CLEAN is an independent motion picture about a robot vacuum that sucks up the ashes of a murderer, becomes haunted, and starts killing people.

Katie, a plan oriented neat freak twentysomething, is at the end of her rope. Unemployed, engaged to a wisecracking slob, and watching as her carefully planned housewarming party dissolves into a no holds barred rager, it seems like things can’t get any worse. And that’s before her beloved robot vacuum sucks up the ashes of a murderer and starts behaving, shall we say, oddly. 

Over the course of one harrowing night, Katie, her fiancé, and three of their friends face off against their own conflicts, a mysterious solar storm, and a Roomba that’s surprisingly proficient at maiming and killing them one by one. Before the sun rises, Katie will have to reckon with the thing she hates most of all: a mess.

Graham Wright wrote and directed this singular existential horror comedy, a unique and unexpectedly emotional spin on an absurd idea. CLEAN was filmed on a shoestring budget in his apartment with a cast and crew of very patient friends. Everyone involved cleaned up a lot of fake blood.


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